Oma's Heart Collection Deadline

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  • Dec 08, 2019
  • Sanctuary Lobby
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Please return unwrapped gifts to the church by December 8


Many families have fallen on hard times this year, and these times are especially felt during the holidays. In an effort to assist the families of First Assembly during this Christmas season, our church is once again partnering with Oma's Heart Ministry of gift-giving. Members or regular attenders of First Assembly of God Central who are in need are encouraged to apply.

Please read the following instructions very carefully:

1. Please make sure to fill out all the requested information such as your complete name, address, zip code, email, both cell, and work phone numbers.
2. Please fill out the name, age, and sex of each child. The children who qualify must live with you and must be attending grade 12 or younger. Once your child graduates from high school/home school, even if they still live with you, they do not qualify for assistance.
3. Please fill out one application per family.
4. MOST IMPORTANT: Your completed application must be submitted by Sunday, November 17. This is an absolute deadline. There will be no exceptions made. It is your responsibility to get the application submitted to us by that date.

Family Application

Gift Distribution: If you are accepted into the program this year, you will receive an invitation with an appointed time to come to North Fort Myers High School on Saturday, December 14th. These appointments must be strictly kept as there will be families being serviced from all over Lee County and we will be given a specific time for our families. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Have a blessed holiday season in the Lord!

Miggie Castro
Oma's Heart Coordinator